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Since the European Parliament’s decision to primarily exclude nuclear from the list of sustainable energies, the Voices have carried out a series of actions to raise awareness and support those who go against this measure. Here you can follow the case, and also find tools and supports if you decide to take part in actions.



As you may know, the European Parliament, supported by the TEG (Technical Expert Group), has decided to exclude nuclear from the taxonomy of sustainable or “green” economic activities. At best, nuclear power would be classified in a so-called “transitional” category, with gas which nevertheless has a life-cycle global warming power that is 100 times greater over the first 20 years.

The situation is critical ! We must all act – activists, employees, supporters of nuclear power – to show our vigilance and our determination to defend the technological and economic progress of our society, by continuing the development of nuclear energy. By rejecting nuclear power, Parliament has thus closed the doors to renewing the fleet and extending the life of existing operational plants. If this decision to exclude nuclear power were to be taken, the Union’s objectives on its energy independence and the achievement of its climate objectives would be seriously jeopardized.

To participate in this action, you will find in this file:
• The text of the email we sent to MPs, providing the background information they will need to get to know the issue
• The open letter (and PDF to download), detailing the substance of the problem. (Feel free to share!)
• The list of MPs to whom these items have been sent, with their public email addresses that you can use to write to them yourselves and support our cause, as or not as members of the Voices, but with politeness, respect and formality
• The link to the petition addressed to the European Commission
• The responses we submitted to the first and second online public consultation
• Actions concerning the press (as a bonus: press conference project, etc.)

46 NGOs call for recognition of nuclear energy

As the discussions on the European taxonomy for sustainable investments are unfolding, we turn to you, as citizens of this world and inhabitants of this planet who care deeply for the well-being of people and nature, because this well-being is threatened by the European Union’s continued reliance on fossil fuels.
Like you, we are committed to offering younger generations a world as welcoming and resilient as the one we inherited, with a stable climate. But disruptions to nature are becoming more and more acute and their effects more palpable.

Responses to public consultations

Voices of Nuclear have expressed themselves at every opportunity given by the online public consultations organized by the European Commission on the subject of the taxonomy of sustainable investments.
Beyond the reminder of the factual elements demonstrating the eligibility of nuclear power in the category of sustainable activities as defined by the Commission, it is a question of putting forward the citizen voice demanding an impartial treatment of the subject, and a fair and complete information of the public, so as not to deprive the European peoples of the benefits of nuclear power on the basis of a supposed rejection or a ignorance of the issues.

Read or download the answers:

Petition “Sustainable nuclear”

A petition to the European Commission’s Technical Expert Group calling on the European Commission to include nuclear in the taxonomy of sustainable energy was launched last month.
The petition has gathered over 5,700 signatures thus far!
Do not hesitate to sign it yourself, to give even more weight to this action!

Open letter to the French MEPs

Voices of Nuclear issued an open letter to new MEPs to convince them that nuclear power is not an enemy but a key solution to fight climate change.
You can write to them in turn using our manual!

Actions towards the press

On July 16 and September 6, 2019, the Voices participated in two press breakfasts on the theme of “EU Taxonomy of Sustainable Investments”. On this occasion they met the …