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Joining Voices of Nuclear means committing to help restore the facts about a sector of excellence, essential to a decarbonized energy mix.

For the general public, this means getting involved for the future by waging that a better knowledge sharing can only improve the individual and collective decisions we have to make. For employees of the nuclear sector, it is also a way to gain pride back in working for an industry of the future.

We must defend science and the technological and industrial skills of the nuclear industry. But we must also defend the values inherited from the Enlightenment, science education, a scientific and critical approach, resistance to all forms of manipulation and belief, in the common interest as well as in the interest of each individual.

Becoming a member of the association Voices of Nuclear will allow you:

  • above all, through the number of members we can show, to get the message across: the general public is in favour of nuclear power!
  • to be informed about the campaigns of the association and to support them
  • to contribute to the change by taking part in the construction of the positions and of the actions of the association, both on a local and national or European level
  • to take part in the democratic life of the association – each member has a vote during general assemblies

Join us to meet other members, participate in our actions, or simply to support us by your presence and membership fee. Each Voice counts!

Tax break : you can now deduct from your taxes 66% of the membership fee and your donations (applies to France, please check with your tax administration for other countries). Yet another reason to become a member now!

Individual membership

Depending on your situation and your means, you can join us with a Basic Membership (20 euros), a Student and jobseekers Membership (10 euros) or a Support Membership (100 euros).

Membership is valid for the remainder of the calendar year and will not be automatically renewed.

Individual membership 2023

Students or unemployed 2023

Support membership 2023

Corporate membership

Your company can support the cause of the Voices by becoming a member – and this is also your cause: benefiting from a stable, economical and low-carbon power source for your activities. You can join us with a Large Corporation Membership (1.000 €), a Corporate Membership (500 euros), or a Small Entreprise Membership (100 euros).

Membership is valid for the remainder of the calendar year and will not be automatically renewed.

Large corporation membership 2023

Corporate membership 2022

Small entreprise membership 2023

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