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For the recognition of nuclear power in the energy transition

Nuclear power is the lowest-carbon energy source in France. Thanks to nuclear, our electricity is over 90% clean, and safe, all the time. But this message is missing from the media space.

Our findings

  • The current level of greenhouse gas emissions puts us on a path of anthropogenic global warming from +4°C up to +6°C at the end of century.
  • More than 80% of the world's energy still comes from coal, oil and gas, whose resources will quickly reach their limits, and from unsustainable biomass.
  • All low-carbon energy sources are necessary to move away from fossil-fuels while guaranteeing as many people as possible fair and non-precarious access to energy.
  • This need comes in a world where the demand for natural resources and ecosystems will increase even further, therefore becoming even more precious.
  • Nuclear power presents major objective advantages in the face of this combination of challenges.
  • However, it is the subject of particularly systematic and sustained disinformation which has induced and entrenched significant mistrust on the part of the population.
  • The re-establishment of the facts and the correct information of the general public are essential conditions for the vitality of our democracy.
  • Nuclear power must regain its rightful place in the debate, on a peaceful and factual basis, so that citizens are able to make the free and deliberate choices on their common future.

The nuclear is

  • a low-carbon energy source
  • which does not pollute the ambient air,
  • has the least impact in terms of occupied space and natural resources consumed,
  • saves lives, by having the lowest human balance in relation to the energy produced,
  • has the capacity to decarbonise electricity but also heat production, and thermal combustion through the production of hydrogen and synthetic fuels,
  • is an instrument of energy solidarity,
  • a vector of skilled, non-relocatable jobs, scientific research and innovation,
  • an indispensable tool in space exploration,
  • an invaluable tool for medicine,
  • a water and food security tool.


The Voices of Nuclear is a citizen association of volunteers, independent of any economic, institutional, union or political ties.

Our goal is to contribute to:

  • the recognition of nuclear energy as essential to the low carbon energy transition.
  • to the reestablishment of the facts concerning this scientific and industrial sector.
  • highlighting the contribution of the nuclear industry to the human and environmental challenges facing our societies, individually and collectively.

Composed of several hundred members and volunteers from all over France and other European countries, experts in the field as well as ordinary citizens, our association sets up multiple projects such as Stand Up for Nuclear, informational and awareness-raising campaigns and many other projects that you can discover on our website.

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