The Voices took part in a workshop held by the European Commission

The Voices were present in Luxembourg on September 5 and 6 to take part in the study on the nuclear financing ecosystem in Europe organized for the European Commission by Deloitte.

The purpose of the study is to assess whether the current ecosystem of the European nuclear sector is adapted to the long-term prospects of a carbon-neutral EU energy system.

The aim is therefore to see how it fits in with climate objectives and should (in theory) then lead to Commission action (communication, legal text, new instrument, etc.) depending on the results found. While we may have to wait for the next Commission to see the effects, the intention is laudable and the opportunities important for the future of nuclear power in Europe.

To this end, Deloitte set up a stakeholder group, which included NGOs, for the workshop on 5 and 6 September.

A representative sample of stakeholders was consulted as part of the study (institutions, companies, etc.), in order to gather the latest data on the nuclear ecosystem and identify recommendations and conclusions.

This workshop represents a key stage in the drafting of the study’s conclusions. All the stakeholders will be consulted, enabling the recommendations to be fine-tuned.

We therefore volunteered to take part, and Myrto, our President, was able to attend all the discussions on behalf of Les Voix. As is the case with most public debates in France, the various institutional players were delighted to see that a pro-nuclear NGO was balancing out the debates on the civil society side.

We therefore contributed to the various workshops and questionnaires, drawing on the voluntary work of our members and the board on the subject, in order to give the association’s opinion on the nuclear financing ecosystem in Europe.

Les Voix will continue to participate as much as possible in these consultative processes, which are essential if nuclear energy is to be put on an equal footing with other low-carbon and environmentally sober technologies within European regulations.

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