The Voices, the Awakening – Press release

 « A Demanding Citizen Voice for Nuclear Energy Serving the Greater Good »

Voices of Nuclear are resuming their activities after a period of dormancy thanks to financial support, which, although modest, remains crucial, including support from the French government. 

The adventure continues for this NGO with over 600 members who proudly advocate for nuclear energy as a proven and sustainable common good in service of humanity.

The association “Voices of Nuclear / Les Voix du Nucléaire,” founded in 2018, is a pioneering NGO dedicated to recognizing the essential role of nuclear energy. It is now resuming its activities after a period of dormancy that began in December 2023 due to lack of funding. The Voices have three main objectives:

  • Promote the role of nuclear energy in an energy transition that respects planetary boundaries and populations.
  • Ensure unbiased treatment of nuclear energy in all its applications for global decarbonization.
  • Serve as a citizen interlocutor, independent and constructive, engaging with industry, governments, and international actors.



The Voices of Nuclear have gained increasing recognition through the efforts of their volunteers within numerous national and international bodies, including the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), the IEA (International Energy Agency), the UNFCCC (organizer of COP conferences), and the European Small Modular Reactor Alliance. To support their presence beyond national borders on climate-related issues, the French government has granted a subsidy to the association.


According to Myrto Tripathi, President and Founder of Voices of Nuclear: 

“The State’s support reflects an awareness of the role that NGOs play in the global environmental fight. France, with its extensive experience in civil nuclear energy and proven climate results, has a unique message to convey. While the evolving international landscape and policies of many countries show encouraging signs toward nuclear energy, decisive structural decisions are still lacking. We must engage with citizens and opinion leaders, explaining that nuclear energy is fundamentally respectful of nature and life—a force for the greater good. Let’s turn words into action, into electricity.”

With renewed support from long-term partners, Voices of Nuclear can establish a permanent structure to bolster the commitment of the many volunteers who have sustained the association since its inception.



We are emerging from three decades of institutionalized anti-nuclear sentiment. The suffocating strategy employed by the anti-nuclear movement has perpetuated the self-fulfilling prophecy of “too long, too expensive,” weaving a deadly web of misinformation.

We have only 30 years left to solve this problem. The year 2050 is not merely a political deadline; our choices must prioritize efficiency more than ever. There is no time for gambling.

The Voices of Nuclear call upon citizens around the world, whether connected to the nuclear industry or not, to participate in this new chapter of their mission by joining or supporting the association.