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Published on 15/11/2021

Berlin, Saturday, November 13, “last stand” in order to save GER6.

The German, Luxembourgish, Austrian, Danish and Portuguese representatives at COP26 united at the end of the week to once again demand the exclusion of nuclear power – the leading source of low-carbon electricity in Europe – from the EU taxonomy, without a word on fossil gas, locking themselves into ideology and displaying complete disregard for collective efforts for the climate. At the same time, German and European citizens gathered outside the Brandenburg Gate to make a final grand appeal for Germany, asking the government to save the climate citadels of Grohnde, Gundremmingen and Brokdorf, nuclear power plants which must be shut down at the end of the year (photo 1).

Photo 2: The most immediate, efficient and economical way to limit CO2 emissions is to preserve operational nuclear capabilities. What is at stake in keeping the last 6 German nuclear power plants? 1 billion tonnes of CO2 less and thousands of lives saved in Europe by reducing air pollution from burning coal, Germany’s main source of electricity in 2021.

Photo 3: Voices of Nuclear joined this gathering in the presence of James Hansen, one of the first scientists to alert the world, in 1988, on the consequences of global warming.

Photo 4: “Land is precious. Nuclear = more electricity and more space for nature ”.

Photo 5: Women from all over the world have come to Berlin to oppose the premature shutdown of German nuclear power plants.

Photo 6: Agata, Fota4Climate; “If the German government decided to destroy every second wind turbine, or to throw all the solar panels in the trash and make up for the loss by burning more coal, building new gas plants and opening a new gas pipeline with Russia, that wouldn’t make sense, would it? ” “Is expensive electricity the climate justice that the Greens are talking about? I do not think so.”

Photo 7: “Oh, a low carbon energy source!
What could we do with it ???

The organization Greenpeace and the Die Grünen party have worked for decades to phase out nuclear power.

Photo 8: Is it at the thought of this advertisement in the Berlin metro that the president of the COP26 of Glasgow Alok Sharma held back his tears during his closing speech? He would have a reason why…
“How to quit coal safely? By gas. ”

Germany must commission 20 to 30 GW of new gas-fired power stations to ensure its security of supply.