The Voices will be present at the Kerntechnik Congress in Leipzig

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Published on 20/06/2022

As surprising as it may seem, this congress which brings together many players in the nuclear industry (sector professionals, academics, young researchers and graduates, civil servants in the field of regulation, monitoring and waste management) takes makes sense so that elsewhere in Europe (and who knows maybe one day again in Germany) and around the world nuclear energy can help achieve the necessary decarbonization goals.

This momentum can be carried by a new generation of actors aware of the challenges of the century who, in France as elsewhere, will take up the challenge of providing information and establishing the facts concerning this industry.

We are happy to be able to participate. Myrto TRIPATHI will speak on the theme of the future of nuclear energy in France, a subject revived by the war in Ukraine and the question of the means of energy independence in Europe.

Other personalities will address topics such as the treatment of nuclear waste in the United States, the state of progress of new construction in the United Kingdom, the objectives of the Swiss nuclear industry, etc.

The full program can be found here.