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Published on 17/11/2021

Stand Up for Nuclear 2021. A month ago, as if it were yesterday, a breath of hope for the future

Dear members and sympathizers of the Voices,

This fall is very busy with energy-climate news and mobilizations. The European Stand Ups for Nuclear, media invitations in the context of the global energy crisis, analysis of and reactions to the publication of the RTE report on energy futures, COP26, the climate marches and multiple announcements concerning nuclear energy keep coming, and it is because we took an active part in all of these events that this news is reaching you so late …

This year, for the first time in France, we organized two Nuclear Fê (ai) tes – in Lyon and in Paris!

Their common denominators? Good weather, high turnout, and a great success 😎

The 2021 edition is a grand cru – a marked increase in participation, curiosity and a lot of interest from the public. The positive feedback gives us strength and encourages us to continue our efforts.


We arrived in Lyon on September 25 with a key message: nuclear is the number one source of low- carbon energy in France. And we are proud of it!

Blessed with bright sunshine, we showed Place Carnot [Ed. note:  the Lyon venue] that it is possible to reconcile acknowledgement of scientific facts, climate activism and sharing a festive moment. Zion Lights, co-founder of Emergency Reactor and former spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion, came from the UK to support our effort, because the climate has no borders! You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our Lyon event by watching our video.


On October 9, and unlike in previous years, we had the sun with us at the Nuclear Fê(ai)tes in Paris! Despite the rather late change of location, many of you came to Place de la République!

Around the four stands – Climate, Energy and Resources, Radioactivity and New Nuclear Fleet, our volunteers were able to exchange views with participants and passersby in a friendly and benevolent spirit.

Several well-known speakers took the floor: Brice Lalonde, Tristan Kamin, Florie Marie, François-Marie Bréon…

François-Marie Bréon, climatologist: “This development favorable to nuclear power, for the climate, must now be translated into action. And this is still very far from being the case. We must continue to explain the issues.”

Florie Marie, spokesperson for the Pirate party: “Listening to the scientific consensus, I changed. I am no longer anti-nuclear.”

Another key moment came with the remarks from the representatives from outside France. Citizens from 12 different countries explained their position in favor of nuclear energy: Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Niger, Poland, India, Germany, Finland, Canada, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy.

Amardeo, for Germany: “We are about to close the last six German nuclear power plants, while the [German] coal plants will continue to operate.”

Tea, for Finland: “For me, supporting nuclear energy here in Paris is also fighting for the climate and the future of my children.”

Abdoulkarim, for Niger: “The right of countries to exploit the resources that nature has given them is fundamental, especially to produce clean energy such as nuclear.”

Find more quotes on our Twitter feed!

Our actions are part of a global movement – this year, Stand Ups for Nuclear were organized in 25 countries around the world, including South Africa, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada , Estonia, South Korea, USA, Malaysia, Kenya, and others. We went to Brussels at the beginning of September and to Berlin very recently to support civil society which is struggling to avoid the worst, in these two countries which are among the most emblematic of the considerable damage caused by anti-nuclear ideology to collective efforts against global warming.

“Uranium”, “Change of Climate” “Can’t help falling in love with U”, “Angie” … Perhaps, with the departure of Chancellor Angela Merkel, and especially thanks to our beautiful Voices, German officials will understand their climate error, recognize the benefits of nuclear power, start by quickly closing all their coal-fired power stations, and abandon their many gas-fired power station projects? Who knows… 😉

To relive this event, we invite you to watch our official video, as well as the report by Jesse Freeston, a Canadian journalist who came especially to see us!


Early fall was very productive for our association in terms of media presence. Our representatives took part in numerous television shows and gave interviews or published opinion pieces. Below are links to some of our appearances. To follow all our media activities, don’t hesitate to consult our web page.

Myrto Tripathi, president of the Voices, on France 5 TV, September 28




And now…?

As part of the UN climate conference, some of us went to Glasgow to remind decision-makers and public opinion that nuclear is a low-carbon energy essential for an energy transition that is just, supportive and efficient. You may have been able to follow our activities on social networks ; they will be detailed in another newsletter to follow shortly.

Voices of Nuclear at the Climate March Friday November 5 in Glasgow, on the sidelines of COP26

Finally, with no less motivation than in Brussels, Lyon, Paris and Glasgow, we went to Berlin on November 13 to support our German friends in their final appeal to prevent closure of three of the last six remaining German nuclear power plants at the end of the year, the other three to follow next year – #SaveGER6. The main guest of this event was James Hansen, one of the first scientists to alert the world to the dangers of global warming (as early as 1988), who spoke out in favor of nuclear power.

The international moment in Berlin

And with French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent announcement on the revival of France’s nuclear program, we can look forward to more rich and exciting news over the coming months 😊
Stay tuned!

See you soon,
The Voices