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Published on 12/11/2021

A brief retrospective in photos of our visit to COP26 last week 📷

It has been a very busy day and we haven’t had time to give you much news. A lot of exchanges, meetings, curiosity and interest aroused among the actors crossed for the civil society – favorable to nuclear power – that we represent.

The green zone, open to the greatest number, is still a little depressing, with all-out greenwashing, and the atom still being the taboo despite its proven effectiveness in getting rid of coal and fossil gas. One could also remark the abscence of the NGOs favorable to nuclear which were not authorized to hold stands in the green zone. Note, however, the explicit recognition by manufacturers of electrified uses, in particular hydrogen and electric mobility, of the essential role of nuclear power for carbon-free mobility.

In the blue zone where conferences and official discussions take place, however, the lines are moving. Nuclear power has – finally – a place at the table. More and more representatives of countries and institutions dare to speak out about the role that nuclear power has to play in the fight against global warming, even if it is still often in a personal capacity, hoping that gradually these positions can be reflected in concrete terms within these institutions.

On Wednesday we took part in the Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network flashmob in the streets of Glasgow. You absolutely have to watch the full version of the video with the lyrics, it’s fantastic!

On Friday we took part in the Fridays For Future rally in Glasgow on the sidelines of the COP, where we were able to briefly take the lead to highlight the first low-carbon energy source in Europe, and on Saturday in the March for the climate.

We are proud to have participated, as a civil society, in the effort of the Nuclear4Climate collective, which has achieved the performance of making nuclear visible (thanks to its superb blue t-shirts 😊) despite the very minority presence of the subject and of his supporters in the COP.

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