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Established in March 2018, Voices of Nuclear is an association of volunteers, employees and supporters of the French nuclear industry, with no economic, institutional, union or political ties.

The association, run by and for employees, aims to regain the pride in being players in an exceptional scientific and industrial sector and to re-establish facts about nuclear energy.

Executive Board

Myrto Tripathi

Myrto Tripathi


Myrto Tripathi is the chair and founder of the Voices of Nuclear since its creation on March 20, 2018.  

She currently takes an active role in several projects aiming at mobilizing science and business in the preservation of the environment and against climate change. She chairs the Voix du Nucléaire association, advises former minister Brice Lalonde, serves as project director of the Global Panel on Chemical Pollution of the Environment, all as a volunteer. She acts as the General Director of the Cérémé, a think tank evaluating energy transition paths in order to best achieve decarbonation.

She was previously Climate Policy Director within the Global Compact France following a 10-year tenure at AREVA, where she notably acted as Offer Director in charge of the calls for bid of the EPR nuclear reactor to export markets.

She is the author of “Battle for the Climate”, published in November 2020 by Génèse Edition.

Myrto Tripathi is a graduate of the HEC Grande Ecole and holds a degree in industrial engineering from North Carolina State University.

Claude Jaouen

Claude Jaouen

Vice chair

Claude Jaouen is vice chair and cofounder of the « Voices of Nuclear » since its creation in 2018.

Alumnus from « Ecole Centrale de Paris », and holding a Doctorate in Engineering, Claude Jaouen has been working in the nuclear industry for more than 40 years. Starting with R&D in CEA, then engineering, construction and start-up of the La Hague reprocessing plants for SGN, he moved to operations of the plant as deputy Director of the site till the early 2000s.

After 4 years as head of the Nuclear Fuel Division in Framatome-ANP, he was nominated as CEO of SGN and Head of Services activities in AREVA NC, before joining AREVA NP in 2008 as Executive Vice President of the Reactors sector. He was eventually nominated in 2011 as Senior Executive VP of the Reactors and Services Business Group of AREVA.

He left the company in 2014, to create his own consulting company, running it since.

Florent Le Goux

Florent Le Goux

Editorial Manager

Florent is an Engineer Geologist at Orano Mining.

After 10 years of expatriation working on mining exploration projects, he now conducts resources estimations of uranium deposits. He started his career as a geologist considering that to dedicate his professional skills to this commodity was an efficient way to take his share of the fight against climate change. His path and experience in France and abroad have strengthened his conviction that the societal recognition of the assets of nuclear in the face of the energy, social and environmental challenges of this century goes through a better knowledge and understanding of the public, and that all the professionals of the domain can have a role to play in it.

Silviu Herchi

Silviu Herchi


Silviu has a scientific background and has worked for twenty years in the IT field in Luxembourg. He gradually moved from technical professions to positions of responsibility in the field of IT processes and customer relations. 

Since the early 2000s, when he realized the magnitude of climate change to come, he has been interested in possible ways to address it. He has since done extensive research on many energy topics, particularly nuclear power, and continues to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Silviu believes that fact-based information, far from clichés, is essential for a true democratic debate, and it is this aspect of Voices that motivates his engagement.

Guillaume Milot

Guillaume Milot

Deputy Secretary

Guillaume follows nuclear issues at the European Union level for the French government.

He previously worked for the promotion of research on carbon-free energy and scientific communication. These experiences convinced him of the need to promote (a) rational (V)voice(s) on energy issues.

Jadwiga Najder

Jadwiga Najder

International Development Manager

Jadwiga, a Polish national, joined the nuclear engineering consultancy Oakridge, in France, in 2019, where she works on EPR reactor systems at Hinkley Point C.

She holds a European Master in Nuclear Engineering double degree from Politecnica de Catalunya and ENSTA Paris Tech. She completed internships in various fields of nuclear engineering with research organizations in Russia, Spain, the Czech Republic and France (at CEA).

Serving advice to the Executive Board, to support the international development of the Voices:

Raquel Heredia

International development

Raquel is a Sustainable Development engineer from Mexico City, she holds a master’s in development studies from the Institute of Development Studies in the United Kingdom.

She has conducted extensive research about public acceptance and communication in the nuclear industry; focusing on using digital communication tools.

Through her research she seeks to contribute to change the current image of the nuclear energy industry and gain public trust and acceptance.

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