Strasbourg: summary of the first day

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Published on 08/07/2022

Very nice happening last evening in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg with Polish, German, Dutch and Belgian comrades, all to music 😊!

Parade of MEPs and parliamentary assistants leaving the day of debates on the delegated act aimed at including nuclear in the EU taxonomy.

Surely and by far our most visible event for this public. Lots of positive feedback from people we met, including parliamentarians who seemed very receptive.

Today July 6 is the big day: the parliament votes.

The police suggested that we demonstrate a little further away so that we do not come across anti-nuclear activists who will also be present when the parliamentarians arrive. Their willingness to protect us is commendable, but we argued that their potential animosity towards us should not be a bonus for visibility.

We will therefore be at the same level of the street as those who want to deprive Europe of its first source of low-carbon energy.

Being a citizen does not mean being anti-nuclear. It doesn’t mean being pro-nuclear either. This means that it is high time to educate yourself and make a choice. And for this choice to be possible, it must being visible. Ours is done, and here we are.