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Published on 08/09/2021



We are pleased to announce our next Stand Up for Nuclear event to be held
for the first time in Lyon on Saturday 25th September on Place Carnot
and in Paris again this year for the main event on Saturday 9th October on Place de la République
with the exceptional participation of Zion Lights, president of Emergency Reactor, British climate and environment champion, at the Lyon Fê(ai)tes du Nucléaire on September 25!

Remember, at the end of the 2020 Stand Up, when we told you that « next year edition should be memorable »?

Indeed, it must be! And to keep this promise, we’ll need your help!

The place devoted to nuclear energy in the public debate, the way the topic is handled, have been increasingly critical questions these past months. The future of nuclear energy in France will be a major issue in the coming presidential and legislative elections.

So this year MUST see the strongest participation ever!

Five-year energy plan, European taxonomy, investment in 6 more EPR plants: these are decisions that will shape the French and European landscape for decades. They will determine whether we are able to meet the challenge of global warming, whether we can maintain our economic and social model and our rank on the international stage. And don’t think this is lyricism on our part! (There will be time for some lyricism during the Stand-up). But let’s face the reality, let’s face the choices we have, and the time that is left to make decisions and act.

It is our responsibility to demonstrate that choosing nuclear energy is an act of citizenship. In a democracy such as ours, a decision must carry the support of the citizens, at least a large fraction of them.

So we will need you, your presence, and that of your colleagues, your friends, your families.

With this festive event, we want to demonstrate that support to nuclear energy is not an expert-only posture, that a pro-nuclear citizen movement does exist and strives to be heard.

The Stand-up will gather the volunteers of our association, our sympathizers, but also citizens and mere passer-byes who are curious enough to come and see.

This 2021 Stand Up will be a multiple event in France, as is already the case in many countries, since we will gather in Lyon, for the first time, as well as in Paris.

Your presence will be much needed in both places.

If you already know that you will be unable to attend in the places and at the dates mentioned above, don’t despair! There are other ways to help, for instance:

  • Take up the organization of a pro-nuclear meeting in a city or town other than Paris and Lyon, around end September or early October
  • Or more simply, print on a large support one of the messages that we will shortly make available on our website, take a picture of yourself with the message in a well-known location, and send us the picture.
  • Or any other initiative in relation with the Stand up: please contact us.

Willing to help us for one of the events? Please let us know by filling a short form:

We also suggest that you add the event to your calendar by clicking on the iCal link available with the form (compatible with all types of agendas applications)

Should you have questions, do not hesitate, and contact us at the following address:

See you soon !

Voices of Nuclear, and the team in charge of the 2021 Stand-up

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