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Published on 09/09/2021

We are pleased to announce this year not one, but two gatherings in France!

25 September for the first time in Lyon & 9 October 2021 for the main meeting in Paris!

The place given to nuclear power in the public debate and the way in which it is approached are more critical than ever, and this issue will continue to accentuate over the coming months. The future of nuclear energy in France is indeed a major issue in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections.

Multiannual Energy Programming, European Taxonomy, investment decision for the next 6 EPRs: these decisions will structure the French and European energy panorama for years to come, and not only determine whether our response to climate change is up to the challenge, but also whether we’re capable of maintaining our economic and social model. We need to face this challenge.

It is therefore more than ever necessary to show that the choice of nuclear energy is a citizen’s choice.

And you, what are you doing for the climate this fall?

We need you, we need you to be there, and we need you to inform other people around you.

Here you’ll find more information on the event! Don’t forget to like the Facebook page of the Stand Up!