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Published on 04/09/2020

Stand up for Nuclear with the Voices!
Stand up for Nuclear Paris 2020

This year, the association Voices of Nuclear is the organizer of the Stand Up for Nuclear, event that takes place in Paris on Sunday, September 27, 2020 at the place de la République in the 3rd arrondissement of PAris, from 10am to 5pm.

The program of the day

10 am:
– welcome speech – Jadwiga Najder, organisator of the Stand Up for Nuclear Paris 2020
– launching of the Stand Up for Nuclear Paris 2020
– opening of the stands

11am : guest speaker – Gilles Babinet, Digital Champion for France at the Commission Européenne, associated professor at Sciences Po

11.30 am: music and songs

12 pm: speech and group photos

12.30 pm: music and songs

1pm : guest speaker – Brice Lalonde, president of Business and Climate Summit, ex-minister for environment, ex-ambassadeur for the climate

2 pm: guest speaker – Zion Lights, president of Environmental Progress UK and founder of Mothers for Nuclear UK (in visio)

2.03 pm: demonstration for the climate, demonstration for the nuclear !

3 pm: guest speaker – François-Marie Bréon, climatologist and researcher at Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement (LSCE)

3.30pm : group photos, free speeches

4pm : guest speaker – Jean-Marc Jancovici, president of the The Shift Project, professor at Mines ParisTech, (in visio)

4.30 pm: music and karaoke

5pm : closure speech – Myrto Tripathi, president of the association Voices of Nuclear (in visio) »

You haven’t yet heard of the Voices ?

Discover our association and don’t hesitate to take a look at our Manifesto.

Stand Up for Nuclear is an annual international campaign organized in many cities worldwide.

In each city – this year there are more than 40(!) – local associations (Voices of Nuclear in France) organize events that aim to :

  • inform the public directly, through original and creative awareness-raising, about the benefits and the importance of nuclear applications,
  • underline the key role of nuclear energy in a low-carbon energy transition that allows an effective and socially just fight against global warming,
  • reach a wider audience through media coverage of the event and raise awareness among the general public, the media and decision-makers about the rhetoric and misconceptions associated with nuclear power as well as about future energy choices,
  • let employees’ voices, and the voices of all nuclear players in the energy, health, and other fields of nuclear application, be heard; let them express the pride in the work they do for society by contributing in particular to a cleaner energy future.

The event is intended to be festive, fun and good-natured. The Stand Up program features a joyful and friendly gathering, speeches, mini-lectures, entertainment, conversations with the public, distribution of goodies, and songs :-).

Of course this year, due to the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, the entire Stand Up will take place in accordance with barrier gestures, applying the health directives in force at the time in the French capital.

Find the Stand Up for Nuclear Paris 2020 on Facebook, as well as the Facebook event created for the gathering. Do not hesitate to like them, to share them, and especially to indicate your participation!

For more information on the global Stand Up for Nuclear initiative, click here.

A little history:

Stand Up for Nuclear was launched by an international collective of pro-nuclear environmental organizations, the “Nuclear Pride Coalition”, which has several French organizations in its ranks, including Les Voix du Nucléaire.

Since 2018, this group has initiated the following events:

  • The Nuclear Pride Fest 2018 in Munich (summary of the event on our site)
  • The Nuclear Pride Fest 2019 in Brussels (summary of the event on our site)
  • The Stand Up for Nuclear 2019 which was held in 32 cities around the world and of which Paris was the highlight (summary of the event on our site)

Find here all the events and tools of the Nuclear Pride Coalition. Do not hesitate to use them, customize them, combine them and use them on different media!