Pollution knows no frontier!

Poles plead with Germany to keep reactors running, for the environment’s sake

More than 100 scientists, intellectuals and activists from Poland have written an open letter to the government and citizens of neighboring Germany, pleading for them to postpone or reverse the closure of the country’s nuclear power plants for the sake of the planet and humankind.

They acknowledge that there is a debate about nuclear power but ask Germany to keep its reactors running at least until all use of coal and lignite has been phase out.

The organizers, Fota4Climate, ask all who agree to sign a petition reflecting their concerns.

The Polish initiative follows a similar lette and petition on April 27 from a group of European and American scientists and environmental activists calling on policy-makers in Germany and Belgium to reverse decisions to replace nuclear power plants with fossil power plants.


The Jaenschwalde brown-coal-fired power plant in Lusatia, near Germany’s border with Poland.

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