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Voices of Nuclear

Created early 2018, VOICES OF NUCLEAR is a non-governmental civil society association, independent of any economic, institutional, trade union or political ties. Its objective is to represent citizens:

  • wishing to benefit from the contribution of nuclear power as a central element in the fight against climate change and the preservation of the environment,
  • willing to restore the facts about this scientific and industrial sector,
  • highlighting the contribution of the nuclear industry to the human and environmental challenges facing our societies, both individually and collectively,
  • recognizing the defining contribution of nuclear energy to a low carbon energy transition.

    Who are we?

    We are volunteering citizens, lucky enough to be familiar with the nuclear sector. We are able to rationalize and provide a different perspective to the numerous information – or misinformation – more widely and readily available to the public.

    We don’t ask that special considerations be given to the nuclear industry, but we do ask that it is not used to serve political purposes,  or be the easy victim of numerous fake news.

    We join the actors of the industry in their search for a consistent and serene development of the nuclear industry, both in France and abroad, triggered by competent and motivated collaborators, within a rational, rigorous and reasonable regulatory framework, supported by a clear and long term political vision.

    Who is our audience?

    The public, and thus its elected representatives or intermediate bodies (regulation entities, consumers associations, media…) as well as sympathizers and employees of the nuclear industry.

    When do we speak out?

    Any news on nuclear or energy transition subjects may be an opportunity to give our opinion.

    What is our point of view?

    The one of citizens promoting the recognition of nuclear energy electricity production in the frame of the energy transition in public debate as much as in public policy. Our approach is documented and rigorous, and we focus on being in a position to get the benefits of nuclear energy now and in the long term, for us and the next generations. Neither a lobby, nor a union, we simply are responsible citizens.

    We ask that companies, Governmental bodies and all components of civil society embrace their own responsibility in face of this energy and the contribution it brings to the population. It is crtically needed to meet our Paris agreement climate objectives.

    What is the goal of our actions?  

    We contribute to share the recommendations coming from recognized scientific organizations and promote their translation into public policies.

    We particularly share the analysis and recommendations from the IPCC: a significant increase of the nuclear energy share within the energy mix is necessary to fight against climate change, recognizing the main hurdle to do so is its social acceptability.

    What do we want?

    For the energy transition to be a success: an increased access for all to a clean, available and affordable electricity. It will mean to restore a balanced debate on the use of nuclear energy, to give back to the people the necessary information to recover their free will on the subject, when today they badly miss it. Actually, we know that nuclear energy is usually submitted to fake news, and/or instrumentalized for political decisions. We consider it is a serious “breach of contract” in front of a major asset allowing to fight against climate change, preserve the environment, and face the political and economic shocks ahead. We therefore call for it to be, at the very least, considered with objectivity, rationality and long-term vision.

    Electricity is the energy of the future: digitalization, performance, cleanliness, independence, mobility, freedom and the multiplication of uses – provided it is available now, massively and without emissions of greenhouse gases and particles. That is possible in France, thanks to nuclear power and thanks to its skilled workers, spread nationwide. 230,000 workers in the sector, 1 million jobs, an activity of high added value, industrial, that can’t be sent abroad.

    Let’s develop it!

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