Japan bets on nuclear to avoid Russian gas

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Published on 12/05/2022

Nuclear energy, a bulwark against soaring energy prices, and an instrument of energy sovereignty. New episode.

Japanese steelmaker calls for a faster restart of the country’s nuclear reactors.

Tokyo Steel says nuclear energy is key to reviving the competitiveness of Japan’s manufacturing industry.

Currently, soaring energy prices are undermining the profitability of Japanese companies.

A week ago, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida already said in a speech in London that the country will use its nuclear reactors to wean itself off Russian gas and other fossil sources.

“We will use nuclear reactors with safety guarantees to help reduce global dependence on Russian energy.”

“Restarting a single existing nuclear reactor would have the same effect as supplying an additional one million tonnes of LNG (liquefied natural gas) per year to the global market.”