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Published on 15/10/2021

The Voices of Nuclear, Generation Atomic and several other citizen associations in favor of nuclear energy have collaborated to write an open letter to the European Parliament. This letter asks parliamentarians to accept the conclusions of the scientific study on the health and environmental impact of nuclear power produced by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the results of which have been validated by two committees of independent experts, and therefore to include nuclear energy in the European taxonomy of sustainable investments.

We have already carried out a similar action in the spring, to address the European Commission. The following week, the Commission announced that it would prepare an upcoming dedicated delegated act that could include nuclear in the taxonomy.

We now need your help: your contribution will only take a few moments and will allow us to maintain citizen pressure on the European Parliament.

Use the online tool available here: choose the language and add a short personal message explaining why you support nuclear energy; this message will be automatically inserted at the beginning of the open letter. Then click on “Add Your Voice” at the bottom of the message, it will be sent for you to the Member of Parliament concerned. It is important to do this in the coming week, as decisions are expected shortly.