Greenpeace gives new life to the Dutch nuclear power program

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Published on 16/03/2019

On October 9, the penalty falls. It is harsh, and immediately takes the status of a global symbol: the Dutch state is sentenced by the Dutch Court of Appeals for the inadequacy of its climate policy following the complaint filed to the Hague court by the NGO Urgenda and 900 individuals.

Not doing enough to fight climate change becomes illegal.

But the Dutch leaders are responsible and serious people – they react. A month later the VVD, the ruling party, proposes a plan to build new nuclear power plants. Logical! This is the only solution to have, in a short time, energy that is both carbon-free and available at all times.

Supported by other parties (CDA, FvD, PVV), the nuclear stimulus plan gets the majority of votes in the lower house of Parliament.


Greenpeace (and its affiliates) had indeed not thought to specify in the court documents that they did not want nuclear power either!

They won’t let that happen again.

That request is indeed mentioned in the petition called the “Affair of the century” in France that they have launched to accompany their court case against the French state for climate inaction.

Too bad that most of the signatories / clickers have not probably noticed that clause, and are therefore petitioning both for and against the climate.

So go and click against the world’s most polluting states (but strangely there is no petition in progress for that) and denounce the most harmful practices while supporting others (but strangely it’s sometimes the opposite that happens) ).

But above all, make known what happened in the Netherlands.

Because for now all we have are dogmas, and they will not save the climate.


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