Focus on Naarea and Jimmy, two French nuclear start-ups!

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Published on 24/02/2022

Because there is more to life than EPRs, and because industrial heat will have to be decarbonized in all its uses, let’s take a look at the new start-ups!

On February 10, the President confirmed an envelope of one billion euros to support the development of small modular nuclear reactors (SMR) through calls for projects.

And in this field in France, things are moving and are already innovating, and there are young people who aren’t even afraid to get started! However, it is nuclear.

“The start-up Jimmy, which designs mini nuclear reactors to heat industrial sites without greenhouse gas emissions, is raising 2.2 million euros in seed funding to recruit and industrialize its solution.”

“The two partners aim to replace the fossil burners of the factories, which are the source of a large amount of CO2 emissions, with mini nuclear reactors, directly connected to existing installations”.

In a similar spirit, the start-up NAAREA is carrying out a molten salt micro-reactor (MSR) project, deployable in many contexts and able to use nuclear waste from the current industry as fuel.

The specificity of their approach lies in the size of the units, aiming to develop an SMR of 1-40 MW, in particular in order to benefit from the operational simplicity and the inherent safety that this size provides (no need to water, operation at atmospheric pressure).

Go innovation!