Finland: Greens in favour of nuclear energy!

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Published on 24/05/2022

Historic moment in the evolution of the global environmental movement: at its national congress, the Finnish Green Party voted to adopt a resolutely pro-nuclear position in its programmatic platform.

The party manifesto now affirms that nuclear is a “sustainable energy”, and calls for the reform of current energy legislation to streamline the approval process for SMRs (small modular reactors). Finland sees the first Green Party taking such a stand.

The approved platform also includes the extension of licenses for existing nuclear reactors, and gives the green light to the replacement of the Fennovoima power plant project – recently cancelled because the supplier was the Russian public operator Rosatom – by an equivalent project.

Opinion polls in Finland show a strong majority in favour of nuclear power across the country. The latest recently published showed that nuclear was favoured by 60% of Finns to decarbonize, with only 11% opposed to it.

The Russian attack on Ukraine is also likely to have bolstered support for nuclear power, as Europe struggles to extricate itself from its dependence on Russian oil and gas.

The fact that Finland has margins thanks to its nuclear power plants, in particular the new EPR at Olkiluoto which continues to ramp up, has enabled it to calmly approach the interruption of the electricity supply to Russia which occurred mid- May.