Even stronger voices in favour of nuclear power: singer Grimes joins the movement

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Published on 10/12/2021

Break codes and prejudices. In the wake of Isabelle Boemeke, fashion influencer, science promoter 👾.0 and pro-nuclear climate activist, new faces are taking up this stance, alongside scientists and engineers, to speak out in favour of nuclear energy on social media.

In this week of mobilization to save the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California from a premature closure, the young Canadian electro-pop star Grimes appeared in a video to defend this major source of low-carbon electricity.

“This is crisis mode, and we should be using all the tools that we have – especially the ones sitting right here in front of us”

To support their position, these new muses of civil society in favour of nuclear power rely in particular on a recent study by scientists from Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT which confirms that keeping Diablo Canyon “would help the state to decarbonise faster and transition more efficiently and for less”.

The Californian electricity mix diagram implies that the last power station in the Golden State will be essentially replaced by gas, generating 7 million tonnes of additional CO2 emissions per year.

The visibility that this gives to these facts is immense. On Twitter alone, Grimes has 1.2 million followers, not to mention 2.2 million on Instagram.

In the same vein, the young Berlin influencer Viv Hantusch calls on her 135,000 subscribers to “support their local nuclear power plant”.

In view of the German situation, some will speak of astroturfing. But that’d only mean ignoring the undeniable tendency. Even in Germany, where 53% of respondents to this poll now appear in favor of nuclear power ➡️ https://www.cleanenergywire.org/news/about-half-germans-say-nuclear-energy-should-remain-option-climate-policy

Ironically, Greenpeace EU was demonstrating this week in front of the headquarters of the European Commission and the European Council to lobby against the (scientifically based) inclusion of nuclear in the Taxonomy of sustainable investments by the EU, by representing nuclear as a dinosaur, alongside natural gas, in its usual disinformation approach seeking to assimilate nuclear energy to fossil fuels, which emit a lot of CO2.

In fact, this rusty dinosaur image increasingly represents the anachronism of their old anti-nuclear ideology.

This ideology is a little more outdated by these new figures, who express themselves and assume their pro-science position… with style 🤍