Board of Directors

Composition of the Board of Directors of Voices of Nuclear


Approved by the General Assembly of 11 June 2019

The members of the board of directors contribute to Voices of Nuclear solely in a personal capacity;  their participation does not engage the responsibility of their institutions or affiliated enterprises.




Entrepreneur, Digital Champion of France at the EU

Multi entrepreneur and Digital Champion at the European Commission for France and vice president of the French Digital Council.

Entrepreneur at the age of 22, founder of many companies in areas as diverse as the consulting (Absolut), real estate (Escalade Industry), digital music (Musiwave, sold for 139 million euros), co-design (Eyeka), decision tools software (CaptainDash), he is also board member of EY, EDF Foundation, CNED, Learn Assembly and co-founder of AFrica4tech.

He is finally the former President of the French Digital Council and author of “Big data, think man and the world differently” and “The Digital Era, a new age of humanity”

Gilles Babinet website

Jacques BLANC

Jacques BLANC

Retired, former Secretary General of COGEMA

Active retiree. Former General Secretary of the Compagnie Générale des Matières Nucléaires (COGEMA) – 1976-1987, Chief of Staff to the General Administrator of CEA – 1987-1992, Permanent member of GR21 of the French Nuclear Society (SFEN).

Jacques also initiated and coordinated until publishing the very important collective work “The mine and the miners of French uranium”.

He represents the founding fathers of French nuclear.

François-Marie BREON

François-Marie BREON

Researcher – climatologist, co-author at the 5th IPCC report

François-Marie Bréon is a researcher at the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences, one of the laboratories of the IPSL. His initial specialty is the use of satellites to observe and understand the Earth’s climate. He then addressed other topics: the climate energy balance and the carbon cycle. He contributed to the chapter “Natural and anthropogenic radiative forcing” of the 5th IPCC report and its “Summary for Decision Makers”.

The Pierre-Simon-Laplace Institute (IPSL) is a federation of nine laboratories with a coordinated interest in the evolution of the climate, the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer. They study the pollution of the air and the oceans. In a broader perspective, they analyse the processes that govern the transformation of the planetary environments of the solar system.



Responsible for market watch, influencer on Linkedin

Maxence is a chemical engineer specialized in the nuclear fuel cycle. After having worked for Naval Group on the SMR Flexblue project, then for IRSN via Altran, he joined the French embassy in London from 2016 to 2018 as an assistant nuclear adviser. Today, he is responsible for market watch and prospective studies on energy and climate within a large French research organization.

Maxence is also followed on the Linkedin social network by nearly 3,000 professionals, with whom he regularly shares his short and precise analyses of global energy and climate issues.



Chairman of the Managing Board and CEO of Framatome

Bernard Fontana graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées of Paris. He spent 30 years in the chemical, steel and building materials sectors (SNPE, ArcelorMittal, APERAM and Holcim) before being named, in 2012, CEO of Holcim whose merger with LAFARGE he successfully managed. In 2015, Bernard Fontana was appointed Chief Executive Officer of AREVA NP. After contributing to the turnaround of that company, he went on to become chairman of the executive board and CEO of FRAMATOME, the name under which AREVA NP joined the EDF Group.

Bernard was also the first leader of the French nuclear industry to have supported the concept and the creation of the Voices.

Kirsty GOGAN

Kirsty GOGAN

Co-Founder and Global Director, Energy for Humanity

Kirsty Gogan is co-founder and CEO of Energy for Humanity, an NGO working to meet the goal of universal access to clean and affordable energy.

She is an established expert in climate and energy communications with extensive experience as senior advisor to the British government, industry, academic networks and non-profit organizations.

She created the Low Carbon Alliance between nuclear and renewable industries, representing more than 1,000 companies and hailed by Greenpeace.

Leading the government’s public consultation on the United Kingdom’s new build program, she addressed public concerns about nuclear energy and engaged anti-nuclear activists in a constructive dialogue process with the government, to this day. As Deputy Head of Civil Nuclear Security, Kirsty reviewed the response of the UK national communication response to Fukushima. She is also a visiting scholar at the University of Manchester and an independent consultant to the UK government.

Energy for Humanity website



National Secretary General of the CNTPA-CFDT (dockers and affiliated workers of the ports)

National Secretary General of the CNTPA-CFDT union that represents dockers and workers of the affiliated ports.

He became a docker in 1996 at the age of 18. Four years later, he joined the union and learned the ropes with Bernard Gouvart, the secretary-general of the Union of intermittent and monthly workers of the port (CSOPMI), a dissident part of the CGT union. Thanks to him, the port of Dunkirk has not seen a day of strike since the 1992 port reform – a situation unique in France.

In November 2004, Franck Gonsse was elected secretary-general of the union and demonstrated, as had his predecessor, real leadership in favour of the development of the port. He soon took charge of the union at national level along with other responsibilities including in the Higher Council for the Merchant Navy and the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Ports on the European level.

Franck has also developed numerous activities for the dockers, including training programs.

In the CNTPA’s booklet published in the context of the French energy program debate in 2018, he took a stand in favour of the French nuclear fleet, pointing to the example of the positive impact of the Gravelines power station on the port and the entire industrial zone of Dunkirk..

Tristan KAMIN

Tristan KAMIN

Nuclear safety Engineer at Orano, influencer on tweeter, climate activist

A safety engineer at Orano in Cherbourg, Tristan is passionate about aero / astronautics and a recognized popularizer of nuclear energy on social networks, notably in support of an active community of amateur science mediators on nuclear and energy on Twitter. He has more than 8,700 Twitter followers, including many personalities from politics and the media. He is the author of more than 32k tweets that serve as a reference for their scientific rigor, in-depth analysis and sense of humour.

Many of his tweets can be found organized by theme on the blog

He is also a climate activist at CPLC – Citizens for Climate, which maintains a scientific approach based on the IPCC conclusions.



Director General of the World Nuclear Association

Agneta Rising became Director General of World Nuclear Association in January 2013, after presiding, as its chairman, over its transformation from the Uranium Institute in May 2000. She previously held the position of Vice President Environment at Vattenfall AB. Having joined Vattenfall in 1980, Ms. Rising centred her career on radiological protection becoming an expert on nuclear energy and the environment.

Ms. Rising is also co-founder and former president of Women in Nuclear (WIN). During her WIN presidency, the organization quadrupled in size. Ms. Rising has also been president of the European Nuclear Society and of the Swedish Nuclear Society.

Over the past two decades, Agneta Rising has been appointed by the Swedish government, the EU Commission and the International Atomic Energy Agency to several significant expert and advisory positions.

She was awarded the Atoms for Peace Prize in 2013.



Founder and president of Environmental Progress

Michael has been an advocate for the environment and social justice for over 25 years. He is the winner of the Green Book Award, “Hero of the Environment” by Time Magazine and founder and president of Environmental Progress.

He led active campaigns for nuclear reactors threatened with political closure around the world, helping to maintain them, from Illinois and New York to South Korea and Taiwan. He regularly advises policy makers around the world.

He is co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute, which he chaired from 2003 to 2015 and was a consultant to MIT’s “Future of Nuclear Energy” working group.

He is co-author of several books and essays, including “An Ecomodernist manifesto”, “The death of environmentalism”, “Love your monsters and transcend them: from the death of environmentalism to the politics of the possible” and collaborates regularly with Forbes, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal  and the Washington Post. In 2018 he was candidate to be Governor of California.

Environmental Progress website



Founder and CEO of Thomas Thor Associates

Callum is the founder and CEO of Thomas Thor Associates, a recruitment, executive search and HR consulting organisation dedicated exclusively to the global nuclear industry and with offices across Europe, North America and the Middle East. He supports governments, regulators, operators, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers and research organisations in building and sustaining a competent nuclear workforce. His expertise is in attracting, recruiting and retaining the workforce required to build, operate, maintain and decommission nuclear facilities. Having worked in the nuclear industry across more than 30 countries, Callum has a global perspective on human resources and capacity building within nuclear.

Callum also works as a consultant for the IAEA in the area of Human Resource Development and has been involved in initiatives for member states with existing nuclear power infrastructure as well as member states developing new nuclear power programmes.

Callum has a keen awareness of the importance for the industry of having quality, motivated human resources that are aware and engaged on the role they will play for the future and is counting on an initiative such as the Voices to contribute to it.

Thomas Thor Associates website




President and Founder of the Voices

Myrto is a graduate of North Carolina State University in industrial engineering and holds a business management degree from French business school HEC. She worked for 10 years at AREVA in strategy and sales positions, including piloting international tenders for the EPR reactor. As bids for new NPPs failed for political reasons one after the other, she decided shortly before the COP21 conference and the Paris Agreement on climate to join the French branch of the UN Global Compact, to support the mobilization of global companies on climate issues. Since January 2018, as an independent senior advocate on energy and climate, Myrto has been supporting three projects: The Business & Climate Summit, the GPCPE and Voices of Nuclear.



Vice President and Founder of the Voices

Vice -President and co-founder of the Voices of Nuclear. Former student of the Ecole Centrale de Paris and PhD in engineering, Claude Jaouen began his career in the nuclear industry in 1980, in the fields of fuel cycle and waste treatment : technological developments, projects in France and abroad, and eventually the end of construction and commissioning of the La Hague plant, as head of local engineering, before becoming the technical director, then Deputy director of the site. During the second part of his career in AREVA, he enjoyed international business units’ responsibilities, first in nuclear fuel, and then in the field of nuclear power plants’ engineering, construction and services. Before he left AREVA in mid-2014, he was head of Reactors and Services Business Group. Since 2014, he is independently consulting for the nuclear industry, in France and abroad.




Secretary and Founder of the Voices

Secretary and Co-founder of the Voices of Nuclear. Graduate of Sciences-Po Paris, former journalist, worked in the communication of many scientific and technological sectors (construction, health, nuclear research) in companies as well as non-profit organizations. She notably worked in the cabinet of the Minister of Education, Research and Technology.

For near 20 years, Nathalie has been working at the Communications Department of a large French research organization.

Marie-Hélène AUTISSIER

Marie-Hélène AUTISSIER


Founder of the Voices

Co-founder of the Voices of Nuclear.

Marie-Hélène is an accountant and has spent her entire career at COGEMA and then at AREVA, mainly in support of the commercial departments of the backend and frontend of the cycle. Marie-Hélène has also been an elected member of the union UNSA-SPAEN for 4 years, before retiring end of 2018.

Marie-Hélène held the position of Treasurer and was involved with the Voices until her resignation in December 2018. She seats at the board as one of the founding members.

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