Bias against the nuclear power in French and European public affairs – launch of the new campaign!

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Published on 07/07/2021

On the night of July 5 to 6, for a brief moment, the City of Light was ours. We illuminated some of the most iconic buildings in Paris to remind society that it is thanks to nuclear power that Paris shines all year round.

We also want to use this action as an opportunity to launch the new campaign of the Voices on the issue of the negative bias against nuclear power in French and European public policies. Although this bias is obvious, until now it has been largely absent from the debate.

Panthéon seen from la rue Soufflot, 3:47AM

It is not by chance that we decided to launch our campaign on this very day: one year ago, the last reactor at the Fessenheim plant was shut down. In the context of the debate currently taking place in France over the term ecocide, we could legitimately ask whether the premature closure of Fessenheim was not a perfect example.

Last Sunday, we published on social media an infographic taking stock a year after the closure of Fessenheim, looking in particular at the social and environmental cost of this arbitrary decision that French and European society have to and will have to pay. You will find the report below and we encourage you to share it. Just imagine the impact of the 12 reactor closures still to come as provided for in the 2015 energy transition law!

Click to download the infographic

We are starting our campaign by sharing with you a fact sheet with the key elements on a public policy bias whose scale and consequences are likely to negatively affect all the others: the European taxonomy of sustainable investments, from which nuclear power is threatened to be excluded.

This potential exclusion represents a major threat for the future of the energy transition and the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050. We want to help you get informed on the subject because later this year we will need your help with it. Consider this fact sheet as a reminder for the months to come!

We believe that the general negative bias we find in many French and European public policies results essentially from the profusion of contradictory information and the ignorance of the public and decision-makers about the essential role played by nuclear power. We therefore decided to launch our campaign by highlighting, in Paris, what we see as its fundamental characteristics.

The biases against nuclear power we intend to present over the coming months will be both well-known – such as the restricted role of nuclear power in the electricity mix imposed by the French Energy Transition Law of 2015, and little-known, such as the reservations expressed concerning “nuclear” hydrogen even though it is carbon-free. Whatever the level of visibility, the effects can be just as perverse.

We count on you to be the spokespersons for the fundamental qualities of nuclear power and to denounce the discriminatory treatment to which it is sometimes subjected even in public policies.

If unchecked or uncorrected, these biases will make the supposed failure of the nuclear industry indeed happen. By that, this failure would become the self-fulfilling prophecy of its opponents. Let’s not let this happen. Let us demand technologically neutral laws and regulations.

Visit the campaign page here.