Belgium: nuclear phase-out could be postponed

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Published on 29/11/2021

A jump on the edge of abyss?

According to the agreement of the Belgian government in place, the firm decision to phase out nuclear power must be taken on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

It should be remembered that this nuclear exit will essentially consist of replacing a low-carbon electricity production that can be controlled by the combustion of subsidized fossil gas.

In particular, it will have the following consequences:

  • a 50% increase in CO2 emissions from the electricity sector in Belgium.
  • The country’s increased dependence on gas imports.
  • A sharp deterioration in security of supply, also degrading the resilience of the European network, while neighboring countries are also closing down controllable capacities.
  • A sustainable increase in electricity prices.
  • The destruction of 8000 jobs.

A new open letter was issued to the parties of the ruling coalition by a group of scientists, engineers and energy experts asking them to reconsider this exit from nuclear power.

The Voices are signatories of this letter and express their solidarity with all those who do not resign themselves to an anti-energy transition.