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Established in March 2018, Voices of Nuclear is an association of volunteers, employees and supporters of the French nuclear industry, with no economic, institutional, union or political ties.

The association, run by and for employees, aims to regain the pride in being players in an exceptional scientific and industrial sector and to re-establish facts about nuclear energy.


Myrto Tripathi has been the president and founder of the “Voix du Nuclear” association since its creation on March 20, 2018.

She is currently taking an active role in several projects aimed at mobilizing science and business in the preservation of the environment and against climate change. She also chairs the association RePlanet France – les Ecohumanistes, she is director of consultancy at Epsilon to support the development of artificial intelligence applied to data science for industry. Finally, she was invited by the government to participate in the 1st session of the Cycle of Advanced Public Service Studies (promotion 2021-2022).

She was previously Climate Policy Director at Global Compact France and adviser to Brice Lalonde, during which time she actively participated in the climate and COP negotiations from 2015 for the Paris Agreements to 2017.

She spent the first part of her career at Areva, from 2004 to 2014, where she notably served as Director of Supply in charge of calls for tenders for the EPR nuclear reactor to export markets.

She is the author of “The battle for the climate”, published in November 2020 by Génèse Edition.

Myrto Tripathi is a graduate of the HEC Grande Ecole and holds a degree in industrial engineering from North Carolina State University (United States).

CLAUDE JAOUEN, Vice-chair and Treasurer

Claude Jaouen has been vice-president and co-founder of the association “Voix du nuclear” since its creation in 2018.

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris and holder of a Doctorate in Engineering, Claude Jaouen has worked in the nuclear industry for over 40 years. Beginning with R&D at CEA, then engineering, construction and start-up of reprocessing plants at La Hague for SGN, he moved on to plant operations as deputy site manager until the start of the 2000s.

After 4 years at the head of the Nuclear Fuel Division of Framatome-ANP, he was appointed Managing Director of SGN and Head of Services activities of AREVA NC, before joining AREVA NP in 2008 as Deputy Managing Director of the Reactors sector. . In 2011, he became head of AREVA’s Reactors and Services Business Group.

He left the company in 2014 to set up his own consulting firm, which has been running it ever since.


Silviu has a scientific background and has worked for twenty years in the IT field. He gradually moved from technical professions to positions of responsibility in the field of IT processes and customer relations.

Since the early 2000s, when he realized the magnitude of climate change to come, he has been interested in possible ways to address it. He has since done extensive research on many energy topics, particularly nuclear power, and continues to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Silviu believes that fact-based information, far from clichés, is essential for a true democratic debate, and it is this aspect of Voices that motivates his engagement.

FLORENT LE GOUX, Editorial manager

Florent is a geological engineer at Orano Mines. After 10 years of expatriation on mining exploration projects, his job is now to estimate the resources of uranium deposits. He started his career by considering that putting his skills at the service of the valuation of this raw material was an effective way of contributing to the fight against climate change.

His career and his experience have forged his conviction that societal recognition of the advantages of nuclear power in the face of the energy, social and environmental challenges of this century requires a better knowledge of the public, and that all professionals in the field can have a role to play.

GUILLAUME MILOT, Assistant Secretary

Guillaume monitors European nuclear issues for the French government.

He previously worked for the promotion of research on carbon-free energies and scientific communication. These experiences convinced him of the need to have a rational voice on energy issues.

Alban MARTINEZ-DELCAYROU is an electrical network engineer and specializes in atomic engineering (INSTN de Cadarache).
He works on severe accident modeling for new nuclear reactors.
Since 2021, he has been in charge of Public Affairs for the Voices of Nuclear.
Marie-Jeanne Jouveau is an architect, but also a heritage architect (DSA Architecture and heritage of the Chaillot school). She specializes in interventions on existing buildings both in project management and in regulatory town planning.
Marie is committed to the climate emergency and the solutions to be implemented, to fight against global warming, particularly in the fields of construction, rehabilitation, town planning and land use planning.
RAQUEL HEREDIA, International Development

Raquel is a Sustainable Development Engineer, graduated in Mexico City where she is from and holds a Masters in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies in the UK.

She has conducted extensive research on public acceptability and communication in the nuclear industry; focusing on the use of digital communication tools. Through her research, she hopes to help change the current image of the nuclear industry so that it can regain public trust.

MATTHEW CURMI, Voices of Nuclear’ Representative for Malta

Matthew is a local nuclear advocate. He is currently enrolled at the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, University of Malta.

In August 2021 he became Voices of Nuclear’ Representative for Malta.

Board of directors

Members of the Voices of Nuclear Board of Directors are part of it in their personal capacity; their participation does not commit their home organization. The Board provides advice and a variety of perspectives.

The Board of Directors of the Voices is constituted so as to represent the whole spectrum of our society. The Board members on the one hand come from the nuclear industry, and therefore know its reality and the way of functioning, and also take the responsibility for it. On the other hand, the Board is composed of the wide range of everyday beneficiaries of nuclear energy – representatives of sectors linked to environment, climate, medicine, public health, workers, and many more other fields of application, all social categories, age and sex combined.

While the Board of Directors ensures that the values and commitments of the Voices are respected, it does not have decision-making power. The Executive Board, composed exclusively of volunteers, holds all of decision-making power.

GILLES BABINET, Entrepreneur, digital champion of France at the EU

Entrepreneur at the age of 22, founder of numerous companies in fields as diverse as consulting (Absolut), construction (Escalade Industrie), mobile music (Musiwave, sold for 139 million euros), co- creation (Eyeka), decision-making tools (CaptainDash), he is also a member of the board of EY, the EDF Foundation, CNED, Learn Assembly and co-founder of AFrica4tech. He is ultimately former president of the National Digital Council and author of “Big data, thinking about man and the world differently” and “The Digital Age, a new age of humanity”.


FRANÇOIS-MARIE BREON, Researcher, climatologist, editor of the 5th IPCC report

François-Marie Bréon is a researcher at the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences, one of the IPSL laboratories. His initial specialty is the use of satellites to observe and understand the Earth’s climate. He then turned to other topics, in particular the climate energy balance and the carbon cycle. He contributed to the writing of the chapter “Natural and anthropogenic radiative forcings” of the 5th IPCC report and of its “Summary for decision makers”.

The Pierre-Simon-Laplace Institute (IPSL) is a federation of nine laboratories dealing in a coordinated manner with changes in the climate, the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer. They study air and ocean pollution. From a broader perspective, they analyze the processes that govern the transformation of the environments of the planets of the solar system.

PIERRE-YVES LAGER, Consultant in complex systems engineering

After having worked in France and abroad in the field of Oil & Gas, Pierre-Yves has been a consultant in complex systems engineering for ten years and works in many industrial sectors (military, aeronautics, space, nuclear, automotive, railway, etc.). It was during these professional experiences that his sensitivity to the challenges of climate change developed, which gradually led him to popularize these subjects on social networks. His goal is to make as many people as possible aware of the problems and possible solutions, while combating preconceived ideas and the fake news that abound.

BERNARD FONTANA, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of Framatome

A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées in Paris, he has pursued his career for 30 years in the chemicals, steel and construction materials sectors (SNPE, ArcelorMittal, APERAM and Holcim ). In 2012, he was appointed CEO of Holcim, ensuring the successful merger with Lafarge. In 2015, Bernard Fontana was appointed Chairman and CEO of AREVA NP, where he led the recovery. He took over the head of the company that became FRAMATOME when it joined EDF, as Chairman of the Management Board and CEO.

Bernard was also the first leader of a French nuclear company to spontaneously embrace the concept and purpose of the Voices and to support its creation.

KIRSTY GOGAN, Co-founder and international director, Energy for Humanity

Kirsty Gogan is the co-founder and CEO of Energy for Humanity, an NGO working to achieve the goal of universal access to clean, cheap energy. She is a recognized expert in climate and energy communications and has extensive experience as a senior advisor to UK government, industry, academia and non-profit organizations.

She created the Low Carbon Alliance between nuclear and renewable energies, representing more than 1000 companies and welcomed by Greenpeace. Leading the government public consultation on the UK’s new construction program she responded to public concerns about nuclear energy and engaged anti-nuclear activists in a process of constructive dialogue with the government which continues nowadays. As Deputy Head of Civilian Nuclear Safety, Kirsty reviewed the UK’s national communications response to Fukushima. She is also a visiting scholar at the University of Manchester and an independent adviser to the UK government.

Site Energy for Humanity

FRANCK GONSSE, National Secretary General of the CNTPA-CFDT (dockers and affiliated port workers)

National Secretary General of the CNTPA-CFDT for Dockers and Assimilated Port Workers and General Secretary of the CNTPA Dunkirk.

He is a dock worker at just 19 years old. He represented young dockers and became a staff representative at the container terminal in 2001. He trained with Bernard Gouvart, the secretary general of the Chambre Syndicale des Ouvriers Portuels et Intermittents (CSOPMI), a dissident union of the CGT. Thanks to him, the port of Dunkirk has not seen a single day of strike since the port reform of 1992. A unique situation in France.

In November 2004, Franck Gonsse was elected general secretary of the CNTPA Dunkirk then of the national CNTPA. He sits on the Superior Council of the Merchant Navy and on the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for ports at European level.

Since his appointment, Franck has shown real leadership in favor of the development of the port and has developed numerous activities, including training, for dockworkers.

In the CNTPA’s stakeholder guide published during the PPE in 2018, he takes a position in favor of nuclear power by taking the example of the positive impact of the Gravelines power station on the port and on the entire business area and the economy of the Dunkirk conurbation.

TRISTAN KAMIN, Nuclear safety engineer, Twitter influencer, climate activist

A safety engineer in Cherbourg, Tristan is passionate about aeronautics / astronautics and a recognized popularizer of nuclear power on social networks, notably in support of an active community of amateur scientific mediators on nuclear and energy on Twitter. He has more than 20,000 followers on Twitter, including many personalities including politics and the media. He is the author of over 32k tweets that serve as a benchmark for their scientific rigor, in-depth analysis and humor.

Several of his tweets can be found sorted by topic on the blog .

He is also a climate activist within CPLC – Citoyens Pour Le Climat, which maintains a scientific approach based on the conclusions of the IPCC.

SAMA BILBAO Y LEON, Directrice générale de la World Nuclear Association

Sama is a nuclear engineer and a tireless advocate for sustainable energy. She has a very diversified professional experience having had the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of nuclear science and technology through her work in the nuclear industry (Dominion Energy, USA), in academia (Virginia Commonwealth University , USA) and in international organizations (IAEA, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, Generation IV International Forum).

CALLUM THOMAS, Founder and CEO of Thomas Thor Associates

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Callum Thomas is the CEO and Founder of Thomas Thor Associates, a global nuclear recruiting, headhunting and consulting firm, with offices in Europe, North America and the Middle East. It supports governments, regulators, power plant operators, engineering companies, equipment and research organizations to build and nurture the global nuclear workforce. Its expertise is to attract, recruit and retain the required workforce. Having worked in the nuclear industry in over 30 countries, Callum has a global perspective on human resources and capacity building in the nuclear industry.

He is also a consultant for the IAEA in the field of Human Resources Development and is involved in the initiatives of member countries whether they are nuclear or aspire to be.

Finally, Callum has a very acute awareness of the importance for the industry to have quality skills, motivated, aware and mobilized on the role they have to play for the future and is counting on an initiative like that of the Voices to contribute.

Thomas Thor Associates website

MYRTO TRIPATHI, Chair and founder of Voices of Nuclear

An industrial engineer from North Carolina State University and a graduate of the HEC high school, Myrto spent 10 years at AREVA in strategy and sales positions, notably in charge of responding to international calls for tender from the EPR. To the growing politicization of nuclear trade, it responds by integrating the French branch of the UN Global Compact, upstream of the Paris Agreements, to support the mobilization of global companies on the climate. Since January 2018, Myrto has supported three projects: Le Business & amp; Climate Summit, GIEPE Chimie and Voices du Nucléaire.

CLAUDE JAOUEN, Vice-chair and founder of Voices of Nuclear

Co-founder of Voix du Nucléaire. A former student of the Ecole Centrale de Paris and Doctor of Engineering, Claude Jaouen began his career in the nuclear industry in 1980, from the fuel cycle to the treatment of effluents and radioactive waste: technical developments, projects in France and abroad, then participation in the construction and commissioning of the La Hague plant, as local engineering manager, then site technical director and finally deputy director. He then worked at AREVA with international responsibilities in the nuclear fuel sectors, then reactors. Before leaving AREVA in mid-2014, he was in charge of the Reactors and Services division. Since 2014, he has been an independent consultant for the global nuclear industry.

NATHALIE GUILLAUME, Secretary and founder of Voices of Nuclear

Co-founder of Voix du Nucléaire. A graduate of Sciences-Po Paris, former journalist, has worked in communication in many scientific and technological sectors (construction, health, nuclear research) in companies and in associations. She also worked in the office of the Minister of Education, Research and Technology.

Nathalie is now and for nearly 20 years in the Communications Department of a large French research organization.

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