#2 Nuclear power plants provide large amounts of low-carbon energy

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Published on 30/12/2021

(which is also reliable and affordable)

How nuclear contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #7: access to Clean, Reliable, Affordable Energy?

The use of fossil fuels to produce electricity – coal, fuel oil, gas – has adverse effects on people and the environment through the pollution of air, water and soil it generates, and by the production of large quantities of greenhouse gases which cause global warming.

Sustainable development can only be achieved with access to clean, reliable and affordable energy. Energy is linked to all human activities, and is the engine of economic sectors such as agriculture, industry, commerce and transport.

Nuclear power plants (NPPs) supply large quantities of low-carbon electricity, which does not pollute the ambient air. It does it reliably, and at competitive full costs. Whatever the weather conditions, the NPPs can operate for long periods without interruption.

In addition, thanks to nuclear cogeneration, the heat generated by the reactors can be directed to energy processes that are currently difficult to decarbonize, such as domestic or industrial heating.

Nuclear projects are long-term investments and have the potential to operate for 80 years or more, making them very profitable economically and socially.

The full report of the World Nuclear Association is available here.