#12 Nuclear power is a vector of partnerships and international cooperation

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Published on 03/01/2022

(in energy, health, agriculture, and we need it!)

How does nuclear contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #17: Partnerships for the goals?

Strong partnerships between nuclear industry players and other stakeholders enable nuclear technologies to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

A key partnership in Canada is the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station Refurbishment, with a collaborative effort between the nuclear industry and the Ontario government. This effort will ensure the extension of the life of 10 reactors. This project, which will last approximately 15 years, creates thousands of jobs and extends reactors by 30 years or more.

Launched in June 2021, the IAEA “Nuclear Saves” Partnerships offer businesses and organizations the opportunity to support the IAEA in the transfer of nuclear know-how and technology to improve health and living conditions of millions of people around the world. The US Nuclear Energy Institute, the World Nuclear Association and the Westinghouse Electric Company are partners of the Nuclear Saves program with the IAEA.

The nuclear industry carries out knowledge dissemination activities with developing countries and maintains partnerships with governments, NGOs and United Nations agencies such as IAEA and UNECE. One example is the International Nuclear Energy Cooperation Framework, in which countries with experience in the field share their knowledge and expertise with developing countries so that they can make informed decisions regarding the establishment of nuclear energy facilities.

Nuclear applications in energy, health, agriculture are vectors of partnerships and international cooperation, and this is precisely what we need to meet the immense challenge of global warming.

The full report of the World Nuclear Association is available here.